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App iconMass Casualty Triage

Mass Casualty Triage training simulation for Paramedics, EMTs, Nurses and Medics.

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    A Serious Training Game

    An emergency services training tool that uses game-like mechanics to immerse you in the experience. Integrated with Facebook and Twitter (brag about your high scores!)

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    Avon Valley Train Wreck

    These scenarios are based on a fictional train accident set in the Avon Valley, Western Australia. It features an emergency call produced by Ambulance officers in the St Johns Ambulance service and uses the actual terrain and imagery from the Avon Valley.

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    Virginia Bus Rollover

    These scenarios are based on a real-life incident in Virginia, USA where a band’s tour bus rolls over just outside of Petersburg. It features the actual 911 call.

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    Bristol City Bombing

    These are based on a fictional scenario involving the terrorist bombing outside a café in Bristol City, UK.

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